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Payment Agreement

Every customer must agree to the company’s policy and disclaimer before requesting services. Our company does not have any obligation to answer any inquiries or spend undue time with a customer before they make any payment.  If a customer insists on making inquiries without making a payment whether, by phone or email, we will direct the customer to make an immediate payment.

All payments are for our services only.  Our services fees do not include the court's filing fee. Every customer should be aware that our prices do not include court fees. Court fees vary by your corresponding court.


ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL.  All document preparation services are to be paid in advance.   The requested documents will not be delivered until all payments have been received. In some instances, at our sole discretion, we will allow our valued customers to pay after they have received their documents.

By submitting payment you claim and confirm that you are authorized to use the credit or debit card you used to pay. Any claim of unauthorized use made by you to your bank for services we provide is fraud. If you consider filing a dispute with us, you must let us know ahead of time so that we can resolve it. Do not dispute your payment as unauthorized. The services we provide are done at your request and custom for you and your situation.


All payments are final.  We do not issue any refunds.   If any problem arises, we will work with you to resolve disputes as quickly and amicably as possible. Issuing a refund may be our sole discretion if no document preparation work or service has begun, but we are not obligated to do so. We consider that document preparation work has begun when we have collected information from you verbally; and/or we have sent you a form or questionnaire to collect your information.  On rare occasions, we may issue a full or partial refund even though your document preparation work or service has begun. Issuance of a partial refund or full refund is not an admission that errors were made in preparing your documents.  Issuance of any refund is our attempt to defuse a potential dispute and keep our valuable customers.

More about Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

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